Welcome to Robins Garth.
Swimming lessons in Small Dole, Henfield, West Sussex.

Robins Garth has been a wonderful location for swimming lessons in Small Dole, West Sussex since 2009. At the foot of the Southdowns, with views across to Bramber Castle and the river Adur, on the edge of the stunning Southdowns National Park.

The pool was recently renovated, with swimming lessons and pool hire in mind. Things such as parking and changing rooms were all carefully planned to ensure the best use of space. Set in the countryside, its a beautiful, relaxed location for parents to bring their baby to learn to swim.

Our pool has proved itself to be the most successful, privately owned in the area. We hire our facilities to only the most prestigious swim schools, pushing the standards of coaching. If you choose one of the companies listed in our Partners page, you can be sure your child will receive an excellent level of tuition.

The first experience in a swimming pool should be a pleasant, positive and relaxed one. We have even had babies drift off to sleep whilst floating through the starry tunnel. Baby swimming has been proven to aid your babies sleeping and feeding patterns. It also, on a really positive note, tires them out!

We have lots of toddlers and preschool children attending lessons. They love the toys, games and the animals that are often seen wandering around. All children are made to feel welcome, making them comfortable in the environment. Many come with their friends and classmates from our local village schools in Henfield, Steyning, Ashurst, Storrington and Horsham.

As parents, we encourage our children to try many activities. Being so close to the sea and river a lot do watersports, such as sailing and surfing. So we take water safety very seriously. To this end, only the best swimming companies West Sussex has to offer are invited to join us:

Partners Mandy and Tracy Lowe swim school for kids

Crest Swim School

Lessons for babies and toddlers use a fun approach to swimming to allow children to gain confidence in the water. Using a combination of songs, games and floats they learn to swim whilst having the support of their parents in the water. Their preschool lessons allow children aged 3 and 4 who are happy and confident in the water to have a more structured lesson. These classes are without parents in the pool so are aimed at children with some previous experience. They also cater for children who are aged 4+.They have classes for children with little or no experience in the water and have progressive classes up to advanced swimmers.

Swimming lessons in West Sussex for babies

Water Babies

The Water Babies team teaches from birth to preschool. They teach over 35,000 babies every week in the UK. This makes them the largest baby swim company in the World. They have a unique instruction program, designed so you and your baby gain as much as possible from every lesson. All Water Babies teachers have completed the same training scheme. This ensures continuity even if you move home.

They have adopted Tommy's as their charity, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years with their fun filled Splashathons.

Old swimming partners MXT Towers and Tracy Lowe swim school. Swimming in Sussex

Simply Swim

Lucinda Hope is qualified STA instructor and she, long with her teachers, provide a more flexible approach to teaching. Simply Swims calm and patient approach has earned them great respect with both parents and toddlers alike.

They offer parent and baby classes, pre school and after school lessons with the teaching ethos being a gentle and quiet approach, helping nervous children gain confidence. Simply Swims rapid growth goes to show that they have struck a great balance between fun, enjoyment and structure whist shaping a child's confidence.

Adult Courses And Stroke Technique

It is often harder for an Adult to learn to swim. They can feel embarrassed and nervous. Our pool is ideal for adults, being quiet, uninterrupted with no spectators. The small adult classes allow for a more personal approach, aiding concentration. Crest Swim School runs the adult courses.

Would you like to get away from the hustle, bustle and parking costs of Brighton and Worthing?. Perhaps you're looking for somewhere local to work, home or nursery. Robins Garth at the edge of West Sussex is the perfect setting to embark on your swimming journey.

  • Pool Environment

    Water temperature plays an important part in the enjoyment of swimming. Ours is kept at 33 Deg C, perfect for babies.

  • Local Environment

    Temperature: 0C (31F), Wind Direction: North North Westerly, Wind Speed: 9mph, Humidity: 77%, Pressure: 1006mb, Rising, Visibility: --
  • Private Pool Hire

    With quality private pools so hard to find for hire, we pride ourselves that we have attracted the best swim schools in the area.

  • Water Quality

    We have a fully automated commercial dosing system in place, with two independent measuring technologies, resulting in crystal clear safe water.

Private Pool Hire

We are pleased to hire our private pool to swim schools. We do not hire to private individuals or families. Swimming lessons west sussex.